1. fuckyeahkendricklamar:

    Juice feat. Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar - That Nigga

  4. mdmateam:

    What an amazing collection!

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  8. justinchungphotography:

    Suitsupply Altanta. 

  9. sartorialdoctrine:

    Yes, I’m into windowpanes.

    Sportcoat: Cavaliere CEO, Popover: Owen & James, Trousers: Incotex, Shoes: Carmina, Pocket square: Rubinacci, Sunglasses: Epos Milano, Cigarette: Camel.

  10. christopherfenimore:

    In Medias Res // Gabriel Zeller, IV.

    In Medias Res is a new series in which I pay homage to the people who inspire my own sense of style with a work-week long, daily updated photo series.